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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 23, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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like. ross mirkarimi, the sheriff of san francisco, is fighting to save his job while the mayor's office is fighting to have him removed from office. mirkarimi is attending the hearing. attorneys for san francisco say they will be ready for a hearing in june, but they expect lots of legal maneuvers that will delay that timetable. they also want a live hearing with witnesses. mirkarimi's attorneys say the longer this drags out, the more harm is done to the city. they say they could be ready to cross-examining witnesses in 60 days, but they can't prepare until the mayor and the city turn over evidence. >> so we understand what the mayor's evidence is or what his proposed evidence is, there is no way that we can formulate what our response to witnesses or testimony would be. >> attorneys have been talking with commissioners now for about an hour and a half. they're still talking now. now this all stems from the domestic violence incident involving mirkarimi and his wife, lopez, on new year's eve
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that left a bruise on her arm. the district attorney filed charges against the sheriff in january. he pled guilty to misdemeanor false imprisonment and then suspended mirkarimi without pay triggering the ethics hearing on official misconduct charges. this is the first step in the hearing process. now decisions made tonight should lay out the framework for that hearing process and a time line and, again, attorneys are talking about having that first hearing in june. now with once this process is complete completed, the ethics commission will forward its findings to the board of supervisors and it will be up to the san francisco board of supervisors to decide if sheriff mirkarimi will keep his job or be removed. reporting live from san fr francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> thanks for the update. bad buses. taking a closer look at 5,000 school buses because of two reports of them stalling without warning. tonight the state office responsible for every school bus on the road in california doesn't even know if those buses
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are operating in our state. nbc bay area's chief investigator is in the newsroom. parents want to know why are they not providing the answers? >> reporter: janelle, it's a reasonable question when the federal government decides to look closer. now we spent seven hours and several phone calls with the california highway patrol trying to answer that very question. tonight senior members of the chp tell us they're not acting because the federal review is not entitled an official investigation. yesterday the national highway traffic safety administration announced it starts a preliminary evaluation international buses. in some cases you can identify the buses by its shield, the yellow shield, with the letters ic in the middle. the buss were manufactured by navistar incorporate d and is o buses built in 2008. this evaluation came after two complaints, no confirmation yet on where they happened. in one case a bus filled with students was traveling 55 miles per hour when it started smoking
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and stalled. a spokesperson for the bus manufacturer told us that it is highlyelik lik some of the buse are operating in california. now in the state the chp regulates school buses and on the phone just a few minutes ago chp supervisors told us they have not searched the bus database to see if any are taking children to school in californ california. why? the federal announcement is only a preliminary review. chp managers said they do not plan to investigate the safe bus inventory or notify the district about the federal inquiry, puzzling. so if you are a parent with a student taking the bus to school, your best bet now is to contact the district and see if they are using buses built in 2008. bottom line here, janelle, the federal government says it's worth a closer look. chp says it does not know if the buses are in service and has no plans to check. >> okay, thanks so much for the information. if you have any tips call our
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tip line at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to >> on the same day as students and faculty at oikos university returned to class, the man accused of shooting them landed in an s infirmary for refusing eat. jodi hernandez has the details and joins us live. jo jodi? >> reporter: well, the alleged gunman has been here for the past three weeks and we have been told since his arrival, he has refused to eat anything at all. and tonight officials have been forced to move him to their medical unit. >> i've he's had opportunities to eat. he's not saying it's because of bad food or treatment or anything. he's just at this point in his life, he's just saying he doesn't want to eat. >> reporter: 43-year-old one goh, the man charged with
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killing seven people at oikos university, is making waves again. officials at the jail say the alleged gunman hasn't eaten since his arrest three weeks ago. >> this is a situation where he has just refused to eat and we can't force him to eat and he has every right not to eat, but to monitor him more closely we put him in the medical unit. >> reporter: nelson with the alameda county sheriff's department says goh has lost about 20 pounds so far but his health is fine. he says goh's expressed feelings of shame, and that may be the reason behind the fasting. >> a lot of time to reflect and a lot of time to feel shame. and in this particular case we believe that's what's going on. he feels shame and just doesn't want to eat. >> reporter: students returned to class today for the first time since the shooting happened. teacher lucas garcia who helped kids escape from the building also came back. he says everyone is leaning on one another to move on. >> i wanted to talk to them, make sure they're okay.
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and let them express how they feel. >> reporter: now one student who didn't want to talk on camera told me that today was a very sad day filled with a lot of tears and a lot of hugs. again, meanwhile tonight here, the suspect continues to refuse to eat anything. we are told he is drinking water and he also has milk and juice available to him, and so far his lack of food hasn't prevented him from attending meetings with his attorney. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. today oakland city leaders vowed to reform their crowd management techniques after being slammed for how they handled occupy oakland protests. police chief howard jordan announced that outside training experts are being innovavited c control by the end of the month. the move comes after the mayor and the chief came under intense criticism in october when
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officers used tear gas and projectiles against occupy protesters. >> we need to have better planning. we need to look at individual officers in terms of their in r interaction with the crowd and when they step over the line. >> the actions against occupy protesters have spurred two investigations, the results of those investigations are expected to be released in the next few weeks. the final recommendation of the 9/11 commission was fulfilled today and it happened in san jose. congress approved a national emergency broad band spectrum, meaning emergency responders will now be able to communicate with each other on one frequency. nbc bay area's david trujillo is at police headquarters where the effort was spearheaded. damian? >> reporter: the backup communication ham personed rescue efforts on the twin towers. now with the new 911 system the first responders will use silicon valley technology to be able to talk to each other using
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ipads and smart phones. >> have you seen any weapons on them? >> reporter: they're using the latest technology at the san jose 911 call center. and it's jodi mcdonald's job to make sure an ambulance is to your emergency. if the big call arrives, mcdonald hopes she'll be able to talk to all first responders from other areas who are coming to help. >> it would be very vital if you have a significant event, whether having to use mutual aid, it's very important we be able to talk to one another. >> reporter: that was the problem during the oakland hills fire and on 9/11. emergency crews couldn't talk to each other because of an o outdated communications system. >> these are all powerful reminders of what we have not done to help our first responders communicate seamlessly during an emergency. and today we got the job done. >> reporter: congress signed off on a new $7 billion
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communications system giving first responders their own national channel, one to use apps to send real time videos, images, and instructions to one another, not just talk on the walkie-talkie. >> a camera on top of a firefighter or paramedic's helmet so you're getting real time pictures so doctors see what type of prominent spacing, roll over that kind of thing, and start treatment right then. >> reporter: chris mohr helped spear head the national effort. the national guard says troops have the ability in foreign countries. why not here at home? >> this is huge. when we're deploying local police and fire in a national emergency, we can share imagery and communications from our aircraft. >> reporter: mcdonald might be able to see whoever is dialing 911. but until then -- >> san jose emergency -- >> reporter: it's the dispatchers who have to push all the buttons. the infrastructure should be in place in about a decade, and who
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knows what the technology will be then. it's obvious those who will profit will be the app developers. we're live. i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. more change is on the way are for the troubled prison system. the prison secretary unveiled an extensive plan today that cuts more than $8 billion in spending, closes the prison, and returns thousands of inmates housed out of state back to california. all of the changes will have to happen while still meeting court ordered benchmarks on medical care and prison overcrowding. the state is reducing the prison population by 40,000 inmates and shifting 17,000 to lower level prisons. >> we have been overclassifying inmates and having them in higher security levels than necessary. that was because of overcrowding. it makes everything more difficult including providing safety and security. >> by june of next year the state expects to complete the state ordered benchmarks to ease overcrowding.
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still ahead tonight at 6:00, bay area technology, building bridges. how two countries at war are finding are common bopped. eating fresh fruits and vegetables but is fresh always best? a new study involving canned goods. and our cameras capture a tricky mission involving birds on a ledge high above san francisco. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. numbers dropping 20 to 30 degrees today as that marine layer is stacking up along the coastline to 3,000 feet. as for our tuesday, temperatures not so bad, in the mid-70s. minutes.ew you about our next minutes.
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we're about a month away from the golden gate bridge's 75th anniversary. and here at nbc bay area we're telling the stories that make up the bridge's history. >> tonight nbc bay area's joe
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rosato jr. tells us the story of the famous color and why it was almost very different. >> reporter: when care's parents first took her to see the golden gate bridge as a child, she had the same reaction as many others. disappointment. >> when they drove us across, i was really upset because i thought it was going to be gold and i was mad because i thought i was tricked. >> reporter: and now that she is all grown up and appreciates the color, it's her turn to explain to others the golden rule. >> when we bring people we have to explain to them it's really not gold. it's an orange bridge. >> reporter: it's an international orange bridge to be exact, a customized shade of the color vermilion. the tail of the famous hue is that it was picked out by bridge architect morrow. >> started wrecking the bridge and building it, the architect noticed how good the primer, which is a red primer, blended in with the natural surroundings of the area. >> reporter: aside from
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constantly explaining why the bridge isn't gold, painters are often called on to correct other facts. >> the myth one end and go to the other end. >> reporter: one thing that isn't a myth is that morrow envisioned a whole different look for the bridge. >> his original vision was to see different components of the bridge painted in a slightly different hue. >> reporter: there was also the not so subtle paint scheme pushed by the military. >> if the navy had their way, they wanted to see it red, yellow and black, so it would have been a big bumable bee, i guess. >> reporter: today the painter bees are painting the northern end and the main cable and with the 75th anniversary edging closer, painters are happy to answer one frequent question, what's it like to paint an icon? >> working here is not a regular job. you're taking care of something very special. >> reporter: joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> it's always a beauty.
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the board b.a.r.t. is being criticized for awarding a canadian firm a contract. bombardier says it will build 66% of b.a.r.t.'s new train cars that will run here in the u.s. the second place bidder a french firm promised to build 95% of sthnew train eyhere. they said they would create 50 jobs in vallejo. under buy america laws, 60% of each train must be built in the united states to qualify for federal funds. the bid was substantially higher than the canadian firm. it's a touchy situation, the lafayette city council wants strict new rules for massage parlors in the city. the proposed regulation will require them to be certified by the california massage therapy council, fingerprints, passports and back ground checks required for employment. the businesses must close between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. and register with the police department. under current laws personal services are allowed without
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permit in all of the city's retail zones. astronomers are looking for the public's help. the bright light and sound of a loud boom yesterday morning prompted a flood of calls to 911. the explosion was felt from sacramento to bakersfield and parts of nevada. scientists are hoping that if you have a security camera installed in your home it may have recorded the meteor and they want to see it. >> we want people to check your fo footage, see if this fireball was captured. what you are looking for about 7:51, 7:52 a.m. on sunday morning and you are looking for something bright, some reflection in the window, something that looks created by the firewall. >> experts say the meteor likely broke up above earth somewhere over the sierra southwest of reno. okay. go ahead. happened out the cigars. it's official. two girl chicks and two boy
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chicks born more than 300 feet in the air. that's the word from the falcon nest up on the pge building in san francisco. a biologist braved the ledge to check on the newborns because the chicks are in excellent shape. >> they're healthy. they're 3 weeks old. just starting to put out their white feathers. the bodies are almostful grown at this point. so in the next three weeks we'll see them on camera changing from little babies to adults. they'll be flying three weeks from now. >> pretty amazing. the falcons were almost extinct in the early '70s but they're making quite the comeback in cities where high-rise buildings. and the pigeons are plentiful. the chicks are expected to start flying as you heard the biologist say, in three weeks. we will keep you posted on how they do. >> so cute. a check of our forecast with meteorologist jeff ranieri. a little bit of fog can join them up at 30-some feet.
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let's go ahead and get to the marine layer now. it is very extensive across our coastline and impacting the north bay. keeping temperatures in the 50s for some of you. in fact, santa rosa today, your official daytime high one of the coldest on the boards here, only 56 degrees with the low cloud cover. 68 in fremont. 62 in livermore. some sun in the valley with 74 and 64 now in santa cruz and 58 in los gatos for the daytime highs. at the current moment we have 71 in sunnyvale. also 68 in livermore and up the peninsula where the onshore flow has been persistent the past two to three hours, we are still finding cloud cover. as we take up outside to downtown san francisco, you'll see some breaks of sun at times but mainly it's all about the cloud cover and also that cooling air that dropped temperatures most notably some 20 to 25 degrees from what we experienced this past weekend. bring you back to the weather maps and the other feature we
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will be noting this week is not only the onshore flow and also the fog but this broad area of low pressure sitting out in the pacific. it's going to meander for the next day or so, it's being lazy, so to speak here and will get some legs back behind it and we do think this will keep the fogs in place but most notably bring back rain. we'll have more news later on in the show. for tomorrow morning it will be all about that marine layer that could be up to 2,500 feet and also some spotty drizzle for our coastal locations, also back here into oakland, maybe into berkeley for fairfield and still can't rule out a spotty area of drizzle for san jose to livermore and even at 9:00 a.m. it should still stay clouded in. and then the afternoon we think 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon we'll see some widespread sunshine returning. not a totally cloudy day for us here on tuesday but definitely starting out that way. 56 in los ga it tos. 53 in santa cruz. and also 56 in san rafael.
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on your day planner after the clouds will break into some sun by the noon hour and then by the afternoon we'll find low 70s inland and near the bay temperatures in the upper 50s. we'll let you know about more cooling in that seven-day forecast and also when that next best chance of some much-needed rain will return in a few minutes. >> okay, thanks so much, jeff. still ahead at 7:00, keeping pets safe. a new bill involving pet groomers. doctors issue new guidelines to people suffering from migrain migraines. it could lead to fewer and less severe headaches. and a new milestone for facebook. how many people are now using the social network. ♪
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[ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. why the pet groomer should have to be certified is a
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question facing state lawmakers. while it's being criticized as unanimo nanny style government, the stories of pets being injured has angered one state senator who wants the pet groomers to undergo 300 hours of certification. >> the kid who gets the job doesn't know he's literally shaved the nipples off these little dogs. one had all but two of them shaved off and they go into trauma, they almost die. >> groomers argue that the many hours of training will add to the cost of businesses that may already be operating on a small profit margin. the bill, however, was approved by a senate committee, clearing it to move forward. the man in charge of the nation's largest pension fund is now facing fraud charges. the commission is accusing the chief executive for taking part in a bribery scheme. the suit in u.s. district court claims frederico convinced a private equity firm of paying $20 million to a close friend of his. he was the top official at
6:25 pm
calpers from 2002 to 2008. they say he has steered contracts to clients represented by his friend who earned more than $58 million from the calpers deal. it was the second big legal action to come out of the scandal. the two men were sued by the state in 2010. that case is still pending. california voters will get the chance to decide if the state should abolish the death penalty this november. supporters of the ballot measure announced today they have enough signatures to qualify for the ballot. the secretary of state is expected to finalize the move later this week. supporters want to replace capital punishment with life in preside prison without the possibility of parole. disgruntled at the dmv, vandalism of an employee vehicle could be the work of an angry customer. whoever tried to set the cadillac escalade on fire failed for the most part. the fire department got to the parking lot in time to put the
6:26 pm
fire out before the suv was completely destroyed. but repairs will clearly be expensive. >> an arson investigator noticed that there was evidence of an accelerant. at the same time they had a report of a possible suspect that was located at the pd. >> investigators can't say for sure but they are exploring the possibility whether the suspect had a, quote, unsuccessful visit to the department of motor vorts and may have left the building very, very angry. still ahead at 6:00, a hollywood actor takes the stand in a murder trial and breaks down. >> and a long way from home. a piece of tsunami debris washing up in the u.s. the remarkable story of how it was returned to its owner. plus, the bystander who stepped in to stop an armed robbery in the east bay. >> reporter: i'm marianne favro. thousands of volunteers have stepped up to help search for sierra lamar but a select few know what the lamars are going through. they are parents of abducted
6:27 pm
children and they're using their expertise to help. i'll have that story coming up. sweetheart. we need to talk. i've seen your stunts online. i can explain... jumping a ramp in a shopping cart. so 2005.
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the family of sierra lamar is getting help from several people who have walked in their shoes. they are parents whose own children were kidnapped. >> now they're hoping that the tough lessons they learned can help sierra's parents cope with their daughter's disappearance. marianne favro joins us with a closer look at the search and what a painful experience to have to relive, marianne. >> reporter: well, these volunteers admit helping search for sierra brings back painful memories from their own past, as you mentioned, jessica. but they say it's something they feel compelled to do because they know they can offer a level of support and insight few other volunteers can. as hundreds of people comb areas of morgan hill looking for sierra lamar, there is one
6:30 pm
volunteer who can't. >> going out and searching these areas, it's much, much too painful. i simply can't do it. >> reporter: too painful because debbie's own daughter, christie wilson, was kidnapped and murdered after she left thunder valley casino near sacramento. she was 27. >> it's just such a horrific experience, and even today it's still very, very difficult. even six and a half years out trying to cope day-to-day. very horrific. you feel helpless. >> reporter: she feels empowered to help sierra lamar's family because unlike most volunteers boyd has walked in their shoes. while her daughter's killer was convicted, her body was never found. >> i hope for them they get the answers real soon that they need, and that sierra is brought home. because having to live this year after year is indescribably
6:31 pm
painful. >> reporter: the search efforts are also benefiting from ex perfect tease from christie wilson's father, a retired san jose police officer. >> this family is even worse than we are. we at least know what happened, that she was murdered and who did it. right now this family has no idea where their daughter is what happened, who's involved. >> reporter: marc klaas provides invaluable expertise to lat march family. his organization launched community search efforts coordinating more than 600 people a day. his open daughter polly was abducted and murdered in 1993. >> we're here because of polly. we're here because i lost my daughter 19 years ago and people stepped up to help us. we want to be able to provide those similar types of services for any other family that requests it. >> reporter: michael lay whose sister michelle was abducted from hayward and murdered is also helping the lamars. together the volunteers share a perspective rooted in pain, shared by survivors.
6:32 pm
these unique volunteers were also giving the lamars advice on how to deal with life in the media spotlight and how to work with law enforcement. the next community search is wednesday in morgan hill. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, marianne. a bold move by a truck driver in oakland just before 10:00 last night. a woman with a handgun tried to hold up a station near coliseum way. she pulled a gun on the clerk and demanded cash. that's when a truck driver delivering fuel took matters into his own hands by wrestling the gun away from the woman. >> was able to wrestle the gun away from the suspect. the suspect then fled on foot without any loss are or anybody getting hurt. >> police are now checking store surveillance cameras for clues about the would-be thief. antioch police have arrested five suspected gang members in connection with a gang fight that left a marine veteran dead
6:33 pm
last night. lopez, herrera and raymond wehr were arrested along with two 17-year-old minors. the group of men were kicked out of cruisers saloon in antioch, then returned with baseball bats. one of the men then pulled out a gun and opened fire, hitting 38-year-old who died at the scene. investigators are looking into a deadly muni crash. it stopped service to san this morning. nearly two hours investigators say a man in a wheelchair was hit at the civic center station just before noon. the man was struck by a train and was taken to the hospital where he later died. it's not clear why the man was on the tracks, but we do know his wheelchair was not incapacitated. we want to show you some dramatic video from the east bay. a fiery crash in oakland ended with the driver being arrested for allegedly driving under the influence. it happened around 3:00 a.m. on interstate 880. officers arrived to find the car on fire and hanging off an
6:34 pm
overpass in the southbound lanes just north of broadway and seventh. the driver told chp another are car, another driver, forced him off the road. the police chief who handled the trayvon martin case turned in his resignation today but it was turned down by city commissioners. the majority of the commissioners said chief bill lee should not take the fall for the death of the teen. he will remain on administrative leave until an outside investigation is complete. meanwhile, the man accused of shooting martin was released on bail. george zimmerman left his central florida jail on a $150,000 bond. in the days leading up to his release, his attorney would only say that zimmerman will be in secure and secret location likely outside of florida. sex, politics, money -- all three at the center of the trial for former presidential candidate john edwards which started today. we still don't know whether edwards will take the stand in his federal trial accused of violating federal election laws. prosecutors have charged him with receiving almost a million dollars in illegal campaign contributions claiming he used
6:35 pm
them to hide his girlfriend and her pregnancy from his wife and the public. while he was running for president back in 2008. the government's star witness is former edwards aide andrew young. the case should last at least a month. tearful testimony from singer jennifer hudson today. she broke down on the stand during the murder trial of the man accused of killing three members of her family back in 2008 including her mother. during that testimony she described growing up on chicago's south side and told jurors that she and her family didn't want her sister to marry belfo belfour. hudson was asked by a prosecutor to identify him. she did so by pointing a finger at belfour who showed little emotion during proceedings. our nation's bravest are waiting for medical care much longer than the government says they are. an inspector found claims 95% of patients are evaluated and receive mental health care within 14 days are false. only half were. the remainder waited several
6:36 pm
weeks. the inspector says the va mental health performance data is not accurate or reliable. the veterans administration says they will work to correct the problems with the lag time for care and reporting the system. a treasured soccer ball taken away by the devastating tsunami has turned up thousands of miles away here in the u.s. adding to the drama and amazement its owner has come forward to claim it. the ball belongs to a 16-year-old boy who is very thankful to be getting it back. the soccer ball is his only surviving possession and it has always been very special to him when he transferred schools, his friends signed it with messages of good luck. a radar technician found it. it is the first salvageable debris from the tsunami that could actually be returned to its owner. just in to the newsroom, crews are in the process of removing that wrecked yacht. this is video taken a few moments ago. you can see a huge aerial crane removing that wreckage.
6:37 pm
the crash on april 14th left one person dead and four others missing and presumed dead. still ahead at 6:00, new guidelines for migraine sufferers. also ahead, is fresh really better? the surprising new study involving canned goods. and how technology is bringing unlikely people and even countries together. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. temperatures plummeting today 20 to 25 degrees. santa rosa only topping out at 56 after 89 on saturday. san jose also dropping from 91 on saturday to 69 today. we'll have details on some more cooling and also our next best chance of rain in a few minutes.
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in health matters tonight, the pain of migraines could be easily preventible. a study finds that nearly 40% of people with headaches have them frequently enough to qualify for taking preventative medicine. less than 13% of people actually do so. they say it's because they take medicine on days they feel fine. iven people did use preveat treatment 80% of them experienced reduced headaches. is fresh always best? not necessarily. new research shows nutrition from canned foods can be just as good as fresh foods. not to mention less expensive. they compare the costs of obtaining key nutrients from fresh, frozen, and canned foods including prep and cooking time.
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the findings suggest canned corn, tomatoes, spinach and pickled bean were worth it in price and nutritional value. i always eat out of a can. way ahead of the game, janelle. >> so outside, okay, i brought in my spring clothes and now i have to go back for the winter. you're messing me up. >> you need nbc bay area app on your phone. >> i have it. >> i know. it's going back and forth. it's driving people crazy, jessi jessica. we're going to talk about some cooling, some rain, and then when it's going to go back up again with plenty of sunshine in a few minutes. all right. speaking of rains, they forced the jants to play a double-header today and that turned into a good thing, a very good thing for with one tim lincecum. he looked like his old self in game one against the mets. we'll have the happy details coming up from the xfinity sports desk next.
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you could call it a horror show for netflix investors and they don't have to turn on their tvs. all they need to do is check their stock portfolio. >> a rarity are for the movie streamer tonight. our business and tech reporter scott budman is following your money.
6:44 pm
scott? a rare quarter where netflix lost money. the company has taken its share of bruises lately, another tonight after it reported better than expected earnings but admits the future is full of online streaming competition and uncertainty. the shares of stock down 16% in after hours trading this evening. we have a new set of numbers from facebook ahead of its planned ipo. the social networking giant says it now has a shade over 900 million users. its revenue went up for the last three months but profits fell as they have money to grow. facebook says it brought $550 million worth of patents from microsoft. now to a story about technology breaking down barriers. two countries at war but coming closer together today thanks to some local entrepreneurs welcoming another entrepreneur to america. >> awesome. >> this is our -- >> austin is getting an on site course in american startup 101.
6:45 pm
>> a name or title -- >> from key meetings -- >> we're going to change the way this looks -- >> to one-on-one strategy sessions, a young businessman from afghanistan, is spending a week at, a silicon valley startup that makes software for small businesses and for their guests, everything seems new from the stand-up desk -- >> like this and -- >> higher? >> you don't have a chair. >> to the casual clothes. >> feels free to walk into an environme environment, this is more helpful for the company. >> in fact, when he looks around the office, he sees one silicon valley company especially well represented. >> i saw everyone has an iphone or ipad. the thing that came it to my mind an iphone, an apple country. >> it's a country and an
6:46 pm
industry willing to share its secret thoughts. small businesses, after all, have to stick together. >> in the tech world it's all about sharing and learning from each other and creating great businesses so i love to share with someone and have it go all the way back to afghanistan. that's awesome. >> they represent two countries locked in a decade long war, joining forces in the name of software. >> everything i see i will take back home. >> while here he will visit our tech companies and take in a giants game. high on his wish list, he tells us, visiting the apple campus. >> i'm sure. thank you, scott. last minute had to tuck on the sweater. >> the marine layer is building up to 3,000 feet at this hour. our visible satellite loop detecting a decent amount of
6:47 pm
liquid when it comes to fog offshore so that will have no problem staying with us across the north bay and our entire coastline including the peninsula. throughout tomorrow we're still going to have this cooling breeze staying put. it's not going to be budging at all. 62 in san mateo. san francisco at 61. santa rosa already checking in in the 50s. a lot of cloud cover throughout the day. temperatures that were in the low 70s today right into walnut creek. as for the morning hours, we'll keep that patchy fog, a few areas of drizzle and through tuesday lots of sunshine for the afternoon and you're going to want to soak that in pretty good because eventually we do have rain. that's right, rain coming back. we had a dip in the jet stream out here, the trough of low pressure and eventually the surge of air will be very slow to move, will start to slide in and that will help bring the numbers down lower and eventually some rainfall back into the mix. for tuesday, it will be all about the cooling breeze and also the fog staying put. then as we head into wednesday,
6:48 pm
that's when we do expect some showers to develop and that will also be continuing into thursday's forecast. for tuesday morning it will be all about the marine layer and also a few areas of spotty drizzle near the coastline, the peninsula. we can't rule that out in the south bay, also for the east bay. by 10:00 a.m. the clouds will try to start pushing back to the coastline. you can see we're picking up on some sunshine around 10:00 a.m. but it's about 2:00 p.m. tomorrow that we do expect some filtered sunshine as the marine layer will break up for a little bit before it starts to return. now speaking of that rainfall the next sign about 4:00 p.m. on wednesday and we're looking at a tenth to maybe a quarter inch for the first round and then we'll have a chance for more rain in the seven-day forecast coming up on thursday. overall plenty of low to mid-50s with that cloud cover from the coastline over to the east bay. daytime highs will top out cooler than we had on saturday. temperatures are in the 80s to the 90s. and you'll still have a nice day with 72 in san jose.
6:49 pm
71 in sunnyvale. for the east bay, a mix of some 60s near hayward to just 73 in pleasanton. that afternoon sunshine and m mainly cloudy at the coast with 64 in pacifica. and temperatures will budge up warmer there for you in santa rosa after that very cool day today. on your three-day forecast, just keep going down into thursday so we'll introduce the chance on wednesday. then as we head into thursday, we do expect another round of rain and then by friday, saturday and sunday, temperatures will start to go back up and also our sun will be increasing. so all the clothes you brought out when it was warm on saturday you'll be able to use this upcoming weekend. >> okay. so i won't pack them -- repack them again. >> no, do not do that, by any means. we want to give you an update on developing news off the coast of half moon bay, a live picture of an aerial crane
6:50 pm
carrying that wrecked yacht, that wreck on the fair lawn islands on april 14th, and bringing it back to the half moon bay airport. the yacht wrecked about a week ago killing five people. they found one body. four others are presumed dead. it is known as the "low speed chase." you can see aerial cranes bringing back the "low speed chase" yacht back to half moon bay. we'll be falling this all evening and an update at 11:00 tonig tonight. all right. let's turn things over to the comcast sports net newsroom. i remember you. >> that's what i like to hear, jessica. thank you very much. the giants opened the day just a .500 team and their ace right-hander tim lincecum has been struggling. after three subpar performances lincecum was still looking for his first 2012 win. and as a lowly new york met.
6:51 pm
things turned around really fast for lincecum. giants/mets. let's go out to city field. buster posey, a solo shot to left center. 2-0, giants. buster's second of the year. .375. move to the top of the third giants up. schuerholz a swing and a home run. this is a bomb. 5-1, giants. nate 3-5 in game one. bottom of the fifth tim lincecum. the defense comes up big. bases loaded. the backhand flip and brandon crawford barehands it and turns it into two. great double play up the middle. giants win 6-1 and it was a very good day for tim lincecum. >> i didn't feel i had a good rhythm throughout the game. i felt like this had my confidence. screw the rest and stop worrying about the outcome. i made it easier on me.
6:52 pm
i know i had 22 pitches per inning. i'll take this over five runs in three innings. it's not a sprint. it's a marathon. i can't expect the big results right out of the gate. baby steps and, like i said, i'll take what i got right now. >> but wait, there's more. giant giants/mets, game two. top of the first, runner on for pablo sandoval. a two-run triple decker. his second home run of the year. 2-0, giants early. two batters later, hector sanchez adds some more. deep fly center. schuerholz tags. he comes in to score. 3-0 giants now in the seventh. the giants up by a score of 5-1. a's have quietly moved into second place in the american league west and are one win from being .500. tonight the athletics open a three-game home stand against the white sox and have their hottest pitcher on the hill. kate longworth is at the coliseum with bartolo colon.
6:53 pm
>> bartolo colon gets the starter coming off his stellar performance in anaheim. he became the first three-game winner in the american league giving his teammates all the confidence they need as he goes after win number four tonight. >> we don't have to worry about him walking people. you get a ball to hit and you're not waiting around. >> it helps infielders did he have knitly and helps the flow of the game and the tempo of the game. that's real important. so i think a pitcher that comes out, attacks the strike zone, throws a loft strikes, a lot of the defense will stay on their toes more. >> that's always nice. a guy like bartolo and a lot of our pitchers keep you on our toes. >> the a's looking for added pop with the return of coco chrrisp
6:54 pm
who has been suffering from flu-like symptoms but back in the lineup as is their new player who gets the start at third. reporting at the coliseum, i'm kate long worth, nbc bay area. >> all right, kate, thank you very much. coming up at 11:00, highlights a's/giants and some freddy sanchez news coming up later on. back to you. >> for a full half hour watch jim and sports net central on comcast sports net at 10:30. before we leave you another live look of an aerial crane bringing back a wrecked yacht. the "low speed chase" capsized on april 14th after being hit by multiple waves. five people dead. again, a live picturacfr tbacklfo han minoo loeebachase. back to half moon bay.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
union contract lead to go school cutbacks but one bay area school has students cleaning up the mess. tonight at 11:00 students taking recycling to the dumpster. >> kris sanchez is here to tell us what is coming up. >> tonight we're going to take a closer look at the john edwards trial. what were his motivations? he says he was saving his wife from humiliation. others say he was thinking of himself. what does this mean for his case. plus trayvon martin's accused killer is bailed out of jail and a resignation refusal to the stanford police chief wants to give up his job. the council did not accept it. >> that's coming up right now. thank you very much.
6:58 pm
response to an nbc bay area editorial. i'm suzanne shaw. our editorial calling for a re-assessment of proposition 13 triggered strong opinions from viewers. many of you note that prop 13 results in unequal taxation of property. it needs to be analyzed and ended. john advises leave the tax break for fix ed income. this idea was sold as saving grandma. it's become a giveaway to very wealthy concerns. kevin agrees, business property should be carved away from prop 13. my folks are retired and worked hard for their home. leave residential property alone. and william stands up for business. commercial property owners need and deserve the same rights to manage their cash flow. can we try and get government to budget and spend responsibly? as always, we encourage a broad discussion on tax reform.
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